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When can astrology help you?

Astrological Counseling specialized in parent-child relationship, partnership and life planning

When does astrological consultation help?

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An astrological consultation can give you clarity, orientation and support if you:

• want to gain better understanding of current developments and their contexts in career or private life or, if a change announces itself or is already taking place and you want to explore options and perspectives

• want to clarify tendencies and possibilities for the upcoming months

• have questions about relationships and want to know how you harmonise with your partner, where the challenges are and how a good relationship between you can work out

• have questions about professional choices and want to investigate what areas would fit your needs

• have questions about your children and want to clarify their personality, talents and professional inclinations from the astrological perspective

want to gain new insights about your own potentials, perspectives and challenges

• want to gain insights into your family dynamics, how you interrelate and influence each other 

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