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About psychological astrology

Author Tanja Ristovski
14 May 2015 | © Tanja Ristovski
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Philosophy, theology, medicine and also astrology deal with  human soul, experience and behavior since ancient times, although each of these disciplines does it from a different angle of view.

The fact that since the end of  19. century psychology established itself as an independent science, suggests a new Zeitgeist that influenced all modern disciplines.  Development of psychology together with the democratization of society changed the general attitude towards human experience and behavior and demanded new interpretation models -  in astrology as well. With more democracy, the rigid social boundaries and exclusions became more permeable and that created new freedoms and opportunities for individuals. In order to follow the development of a modern man, astrology opened itself to these influences. Psychological astrology developed as a result, whereby the so-called classical astrology uses  psychology nowadays too.

Psychological astrology today

Modern psychological astrology is represented by different schools of thought, that are all based upon a psychological conception of human being. Because this conception is derived from different personality theories, astrological models of interpretation also differ.

For example, astrological interpretations that are based upon jungian psychology integrate  concepts from Karl Gustav Jung' theories such as archetype, anima/animus and shadow. You can read more about this and other astrological models on astrowiki.

Psychological motivational theory

This personality theory is based on the notion of individual that has psychological needs within her or his environment. Both the individual and the environment posess dynamic qualities and stand in a relation of permanent exchange. The individual influences her or his environment and  the environment influences the individual - multitude of needs motivates the activity and the personality is always percieved in relation to its overall situation and environment.

My astrological approach

Psychological astrology that I practice leans on this motivational-psychological approach. The task of the horoscope interpretation is to identify the motivation and the origin for human activity and involvement. That's why this approach is oriented towards self-knowledge and towards solution in the same time.

My astrological intepretations integrate concepts such as 'needs' and 'environment'.  The dynamic connection between the personality and its environment defines the places of self-determination and free-will. This is identified in the astrological consultation together with practical solutions for the given circumstances.

This astrological school was developed by an american astrologer Noel Tyl who merged motivational theory with astrology in 70s. I am a highest honors graduate of his  Master´s Degree Program for professional astrologers and I practice this method since 2009.