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Natal Chart Analysis

Explore personal horoscope, understand developmental themes and coherencies in your life

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Clarified personal developmental themes and dynamics

(includes vocational profile)

  • Counsultations can be combined, depending on your subject matter. Skype consultations are possible.

Natal Horoscope, Astrological AnalysisThe psychological horoscope analyses is an in-depth study of the natal chart, within the context of individual biography.  I identify the most important themes in your development, your strengths, talents and challenges. We also explore influences in your childhood,  the established patterns of behaviour and how they influence your life.

Based on all of this, we discuss strategies for a more fulfilled professional and personal life.

Because in our modern society people spend much time of their life working, the natal chart analysis includes vocational profile and guidance.  I analyze what occupational fields suit best your personality and your needs, and how to supplement your current career with choices that are intimately meaningful to you.

Natal Chart Analysis is a comprehensive study of the birth chart in the context of the individual biography.

The consultation lasts 60 minutes.

Fee 130€

(Fee includes calculation of astrological charts and tables, evaluation and the actual consultation.)

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