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Horary Astrology or Annual Horoscope?

Author Tanja Ristovski
6 Apr 2021 | © Tanja Ristovski
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The more exact the question is, the more suitable it is for horary astrology.

An example helps clarify the difference between horary astrology and annual forecasts or other techniques. Once you understand this difference, you will realize the advantage of horary astrology. It can be used alone or in combination with other astrological counseling techniques to address your needs best.

Where should I go and when?

Recently, I received an email in which the client wanted to discuss her career. She said she was about to change jobs and wanted to know which counseling would best suit her concerns. I asked for some clarification of her situation, and it turned out that the client wanted to change her job, but she did not know when the right time was or in which direction the change should go. I realized that she was concerned with gaining perspective and direction and that I should approach this with an annual horoscope. I explained that with the annual forecast, we could look at the change of profession from the perspective of the so-called quality of time. The birth chart is the basis for analyzing the current and upcoming time quality. I explore personal and professional predispositions and strengths, discuss general priorities and essential needs for a fulfilling career, and discuss the challenges associated with the behavioral patterns outlined in the birth chart. In that way, the natal chart relates her personal development and fulfillment to the current challenges, serves as a guide, and helps find a strategic plan geared toward the favorable periods, which the annual forecast techniques can determine.

Annual forecast: wholistic astrological counseling

What is the time perspective? vs. Is this specific opportunity suitable for me?

The more precise the details of the question or concern, the more suitable it is for horary astrology. My texts "Will I keep my job" and "Professional and home-related questions - horary astrology," show real-life examples of horary astrology. The latter includes questions about the success of a professional partnership, getting a new job, finding a new flat in a certain period, and renting a particular flat. You can read in those examples that clients had defined opportunities with specific features, so horary technique was used. Although the annual forecast can show whether the current time is astrologically favorable for a successful change, it cannot determine whether a particular opportunity or another will be realized. The annual horoscope analysis can encourage realizing a general plan as a positive outcome can be predicted. But it cannot recognize details.

Horary: One-Question-Astrology

On the other hand, even if the time is not favorable and the astrological weather shows that we face challenges and have to deal with delays, more responsibility, or obstacles, sometimes we have to do something about it. In a real-life example, a client who generally wanted to stay with her employer faced difficulties at work that made her think about changing jobs. She asked herself: "Should I change jobs or stay here until I retire?" which sounds like it could be answered with an annual forecast technique. However, the better choice here was horary astrology because it allowed us to go into details that would not be readable with an annual horoscope. The horary horoscope described the two superiors at work, the colleagues, and the current position of the querent, which was all helpful in resolving her dilemma. If the qclient had already decided to leave her job,but had no concrete idea of when and where to go afterwards, an annual horoscope would have been appropriate. As described in the first example, the annual horoscope could have covered many other topics and helped with orientation and planning.

Relationship Horoscope

What are the strengths and challenges in our relationship?

Relationship questions give another example of the difference between horary astrology and other counseling techniques. Suppose you want to analyze the compatibility between you and your partner and compare your strengths and weaknesses regarding a healthy and productive relationship. In that case, a relationship horoscope is very helpful.
However, if you have just entered into a relationship and want to know your prospects with this particular person, horary astrology can help.

I hope this text makes it clear how horary astrology works. If you are still undecided about which consultation you need, I will be happy to help you. Just send me an e-mail.

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