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Horary Astrology or Annual Horoscope?

6 Apr 2021 | © Tanja Ristovski
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The difference between horoscope astrology and other forecasting techniques, collectively referred to as annual forecasting or annual horoscopes, is best illustrated by an example.

Recently, I received an inquiry in which the client wanted to discuss her career, as she was about to change jobs, and wanted to know which counseling would be best suited to her concerns.

I explained to her that in annual horoscope the change of profession can be considered from the point of view of the general development in time (so-called quality of time).  This would address the connection with personal development and professional predisposition, since the birth chart is the basis for the analysis. However, if she has a very specific question about career change, for example, if she has applied for a certain job or is planning to do so, then horoscope astrology is the more appropriate choice.

When clarifying the matter further, it turned out that the client definitely wants to change her job, but does not know exactly in which direction it should go and when exactly is the right time to quit her current job.

Now I realized that this issue can only be addressed with a yearly horoscope, because it was about gaining perspectives and a general orientation. This means that her personal and professional predisposition should be analyzed in the natal chart and astrologically related to the whole coming period.  This would help her to make the right decision, determine an opportune moment and design a strategic plan to achieve her goals.

On the other hand, a concrete question like "Will I get the job I applied for?" can only be answered with an hourly horoscope. The more concrete the question is, the more suitable it is for hourly astrology. It is also important to say that in hourly astrology the question itself is important. The exact wording is less important, but grasping the essence of the question is essential.

In the post “Job application and a search for a new appartment - horary astrology”,  I illustrate the strength of horary astrology with the help of two specific questions: "Will I get the job?" and "Will I find a new apartment soon?".