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Horary Astrology or Annual Horoscope?

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6 Apr 2021 | © Tanja Ristovski
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Horary Astrology or Annual Horoscope?

The best way to demonstrate the difference between the horary astrology and other predictive techniques in astrology, that are summed under the name annual forecast or yearly horoscope, is through a real-life example.

I received recently an inquiry where the sender wanted to talk about her career, as she was about to change jobs, and wanted to know which consultation would be the most suitable for her concern.

I explained that with an annual horoscope,  job change can be viewed from the perspective of general time trends (so-called time quality), whereby the connection with personal development and professional disposition will also be addressed, since the natal chart is the basis for forecasting. But if she has a very specific question about job change, for example if she has applied for a concrete position or is planning to do so, then the horary astrology should be used.

In further clarification of the matter, it turned out that the client definitely wants to change her job, but does not know exactly which direction to take and when exactly is the right time to quit.

Now it became clear to me that this problem can only be tackled with an annual horoscope, because it was about general orientation. This means that the entire upcoming period should be analyzed astrologically in order to determine a favorable point in time and to understand the connections with her personal dispositions, so that she can orientate herself and make the right decision.

In contrast to this, a specific question like "Will I get the position I applied for?" can only be answered with a horary horoscope. The more concrete the question is, the more suitable it is for horary astrology. It is also important to say that in horary astrology, the question itself is very important. Both the querent and the astrologer need to understand clearly what is it about, before a horary horoscope can be analyzed. The exact wording of the question is less important, but to capture the essence of the issue is very important.

In another post “Job application and a search for a new appartment - horary astrology”, which you can read here,  I illustrate the strength of horary astrology with the help of two specific questions: "Will I get the job?" and "Will I find a new apartment soon?".