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Horary Astrology

Ask reasonably and you will hear a reasonable answer.

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  • Counsultations can be combined, depending on your subject matter. Online consultations are possible.

If you would like to know the answer to just one particular question, this is the right consultation for you to choose.

What kind of questions can you ask?

Providing that your interest is genuine,  that you have a pressing concern and that you do not ask the same question multiple times , you can ask  about any department of life.

Basically, you can ask these types of questions:

Is something going to happen or not? Will something specific be good for me? How will an undertaking (clearly defined) develop?

More concrete question examples from my practice:

  • Is the apartment we've just saw and want to rent good for us?
  • Will my business be profitable?
  • Will I get the job I applied for?
  • Will I have restrictions on music practice in my new apartment?
  • Will I be admitted to the university?
  • Is there a future for my relationship with this person?
  • Will I sell the apartment during this (specifically defined) period?
  • Do I get the money I borrowed?
  • Will moving to another (specifically mentioned) city be beneficial for my career?
  • Will I win in the court?

Job application and searching for a new appartment - look hear at real life examples from my practise.

The course of the Horary Consultation

You can book it as a single Horary Consultation or in a combination with my other astrological consultations.

The first time you contact me to ask the question, I will converse to you by email or phone to clarify any relevant details.

If you book only one-question counseling, the meeting will take place online, per e-mail or we will talk by phone.

If you combine this consultation with other astrological consultations that I offer, the meeting can also take place in my practice in the 7th district.

The report lasts max. 20 minutes.

Fee: 40 €