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Youth Horoscope

Strengths and talents from astrological point of view - timely recognise perspectives and opportunities

18 Dec 2014 | © Tanja Ristovski
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Strengths and talents from astrological point of view: discover new perspectives and possibilities in time

(includes vocational guidance)

  • Counsultations can be combined, depending on your subject matter. Skype consultations are possible.

In the counseling for youth horoscope I focus on the needs, predispositions and talents of the young adults. Because professional orientation is such an important theme, personal strengths are also discussed in regard to vocational inclinations.

I look at the present life situation of young adult as a station on his or her road to adulthood and discuss possible challenges and personal areas where parents can offer their support.

With the analyses of young adult horoscope you will be given a valuable assistance and impulses to accompany your child on her or his individual journey.

The lenght of the consultation is 60 minutes.

Fee 130€

Read here about the child-parent relationship from an astrological point of view

(Fee includes calculation of astrological charts and tables, evaluation and the actual consultation.)