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Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump astrologically

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12 May 2019 | © Tanja Ristovski 2009 - 2022

Horoscope of Nancy PelosiIn December 2017 I wrote about Donald Trump and the astrological background of his presidency. You can read there that 2018 will astrologically show an increased pressure from his opponents, because in July 2018 the Solar Arc Uranus reaches the Mars in the first house of his horoscope.

Problems with which Donald Trump struggles have increased in 2018, especially with confessions surrounding the Muller investigation. Some time later, in November 2018,  the Solar Arch Uranus reached the half-sum Ascendant/MC which indicates the possibility that his plans will be frustrated: after the congressional elections in November Democrats won the House of Representatives. As his most prominent opponent crystalized the 78-year-old Nancy Pelosi, the Veteran of US politics.

Nancy Pelosi: Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio

Only the date of birth is known for Nancy Pelosi. Nevertheless, it is certain that on March 26th in 1940, the Moon was in the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon in combination with the Sun in Aries suggests a very strong will, vitality, energy and combat readiness. This combination is especially good in crisis management when perseverance and inner collection shape actions.

The exact square between Saturn and Pluto, when well positioned in the natal chart, indicates self-discipline, perseverance, and tenacity. This constellation supports the character of the Sun-Moon combination.

Mercury in hard aspect with Neptune

Interestingly, in the horoscope of Nancy Pelosi as well as in horoscope of Trump, Mercury makes a hard aspect with Neptune. Unlike Trump, Pelosi seems to think logically, although the Mercury-Neptune combination can find its ways in obscure schemes and can use them strategically. What is than the difference in the effect of the Mercury-Neptune constellation?

In Trump's chart, Mercury is in Cancer and ruled by the Moon, which points to changeable and imaginative thought processes that are primarily in the service of self-assertion and to gain popularity - the Moon in Sagittarius rules the 11th house. Besides, Mercury rules his Sun in Gemini. Trump's emphasized need to prove himself is depicted through his Ascendant with the Leo-Mars conjunction.

Mercury in the horoscope of Pelosi does not rule any other personal planet and is itself ruled by Jupiter, which channels her imaginative power in a different way. I do not have the birth time of Pelosi, so I cannot clearly assign the role of Jupiter here, but being in Aries the Jupiter will channel her thinking process by clearly defined goals.  

Synastry of opponents

It is very interesting that the Mars in Taurus from Pelosi’s chart makes a conjunction with Trump’s MC and a square to his Mars in Leo! That is an astrological picture of attack on the worldly position, where Pelosi’s Mars is the attacker. That she can destabilize Trumps position is suggested also by her Uranus near his MC. Neptune form Pelosi’s horoscope makes opposition to Trumps Sun and squares his Moon. Trump’s Neptune makes an opposition with the Sun of Nancy Pelosi. Even if the two would pull together in a political sense, they would distrust each other and / or consider each other obscure and dubious!

The sextile between her and his Venus and having Mercury in the same element cannot compensate the synastry between the two.

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