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Horoscope for Children

In-depth horoscope analysis - dispositions, talents and needs of the child from astrological point

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In-depth analysis of child's horoscope - dispositon, talents and needs form the astrological perspective

  • Counsultations can be combined, depending on your subject matter. Skype consultations are possible.

In the analyses of a child horoscope, I concentrate on the needs, predispositions and talents of the child. Parents obtain assistance and valuable suggestions for accompanying their child on its individual life path.

Our complex world puts growing demands upon the individual, so that our perception of children becomes colored with social expectations and pressure. The analysis of children's horoscope encourages you to stay alert for the individual nature of a child and for its individual needs.

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The consultation takes 60 minutes.

Fee: 130€

Analysis of sibling's horoscope :  220 €  (60 min)

(Fee includes calculation of astrological charts and tables, evaluation and the actual consultation.)

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