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Partner Horoscope

In-depth analysis of partner horoscopes: how do you harmonize with each other?

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  • Counsultations can be combined, depending on your subject matter. Skype consultations are possible.

Partner HoroscopeWith the partner horoscope analysis you can win insights into foundations of a relationship. Individual dispositions, complementary characteristics, attraction and conflicting energies are clarified.The analysis of motivations and needs provides a deeper understanding of the relationship outlook.

The partner horoscope analysis helps to become aware of the potentials and distinctiveness of your relationships.

Partnership is not an unchangeable thing, but a dynamic relation, where both partners continue to develop. When personal, professional or other changes happen and influence the relationship, it is worth having a look at your partner and your attachment from a new perspective.

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The length of the consultation is 60 minutes.

Fee 220€  (for more than two persons upon request)

(Fee includes calculation of astrological charts and tables, evaluation and the actual consultation.)

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