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The child-parent relationship - astrological point of view

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11 Mar 2015 | © Tanja Ristovski
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Although the relationship with the child can be challenging from time to time and push parents to go beyond their comfort zone, it also presents a great opportunity to grow as an individual and develop one's own potential. In my astrological practice, I often compare the horoscopes of parents and their children and always observe that parents and children fit together in an interesting way.

"Thank you very much for the 'homework' and the really great consultation! I've thought a lot about myself and my family and I can only thank you for this food for thought. You really helped me a lot with just one session because I realised a lot of things that had been kind of hidden the whole time. Now I have the opportunity to make changes and I'm going to use them!"

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The child's temperament or sensitivity, talents, interests, or some other peculiarity challenge certain habits and behavioral patterns, hidden potentials, or perhaps weak points of the parents. As a result, the parent-child relationship repeatedly proves to be a powerful driving force, a dynamic directed towards change and development, as the following examples illustrate.

The temperament

A young woman who came to my counseling felt "overwhelmed" by her child. Her horoscope pointed to an independent, strong, and generally self-defensive personality. It emerged during the counseling session that the young woman had a strong need to conceal anything personal that might indicate her weaknesses because she felt safer that way. Consequently, she rarely allowed other people to get close to her and thus led a somewhat reserved life. The astrological portrait of her child showed abundant, direct, and spontaneous energy directed toward others and the need to develop and assert a strong ego through relationships. The comparison of the horoscopes revealed that the child's predispositions challenged how the mother habitually created her emotional security.

Therefore, she felt "overwhelmed" by the child's temperament and sociability, which brought to light some of her childhood issues. Motivated by the nature of her child and her love for him, this young woman was given an opportunity to work through her past and behavioral patterns and to grow out of herself.

The sensitivity


Another child's horoscope, that of a boy, pointed to a sensitive nature. Sensitivity, intuition, imagination, and a tendency to be influenced by feelings were particularly strongly emphasized in his horoscope, as was a sublimated and indirect way of doing things.

This was in stark contrast to the mother's intellectual, energetic, and pragmatic nature, as indicated in her natal chart. The mother worried about her son because she perceived his difference but felt it was a shortcoming.

The comparison of the horoscopes showed that the child's nature thematized the mother's way of thinking and perception. The confrontation with her thought patterns during our consultation centered on clarifying her values and the status of feelings and sensitivity in her view of life. The challenge here was to discover the roots of her convictions, put the child's otherness in the proper perspective, and recognize this as the child's strength and talent, which differs from hers.

The potential for mutual growth in this mother-child relationship is immense. The boy's horoscope, with its pronounced receptivity to impressions, can be balanced by the mother's rational guidance. This will prevent his sensitivity from becoming overwhelming and negatively affecting his self-perception and relationships. The mother's pragmatic and analytical nature can help the child see things from multiple perspectives, and the child can open up a whole new world of feelings and perceptions for the mother.

Emotional balance

The natal chart of another mother indicated that dealing with emotions was challenging for her, that she had strong feelings, and that emotional balance had to be learned. The child's horoscope showed a naturally balanced nature and sensitivity.

The mother explained that it was only through her child that she began to understand her emotional patterns. The child's balanced temperament, along with her own perceptiveness and self-reflection, enabled her to discover new options for her emotional repertoire and develop her emotional competence. She felt that she learned a lot from her child.

These practical examples show how important it is to remain alert to the child's individuality and the needs arising from it, as well as to be open to the new. At the same time, our complex modern world places increasing demands on individuals, and our perception of children is also increasingly colored by social expectations and pressures.

That is precisely where astrological insights offer valuable guidance for navigating life with children. Astrological tools can be used to examine how the child's potential and sensitivity interact with parental behaviour or thought patterns and what possibilities this special bond can open up.