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Professional and competent astrological counseling

I would like to share with you that after the consultation, which was like a therapy for me, positive developments occurred.

Client, Austria

I asked you the question [question] in [month]. You answered it with a "no" and that is how it turned out. However, you said that it will be a relief for me. And yes, that is also true. But I also understand him better now in terms of his issues. I wanted to give you that feedback as well. Thanks for that!

Client, EU

Once again, thank you very much for your support - YOU have really helped me very, very much!
Otherwise I would have rushed again blindly into the next "adventure" and would have ended up again in the "soul fiasco".

Client, DE

My very special respect and appreciation for you that you are so open and honest and say that one should clarify issues first themselves and if it goes no further, only then to consult astrology.
No one has ever answered me so clearly and plausibly - thank you very much!

Client, De

"The consultation with you has opened so many new insights and opportunities for me and it was so good to talk to you about it. I felt understood and appreciated.
I think the consultation will resonate with me for some time. I felt so alive and motivated afterwards." Client, NÖ


"It was very exciting to get to know the kind of  astrolgy that you practice", Client, Vienna

"You are very professional. I will recommend you. " Client, Vienna

"Your explanation hightlights the situation from another perspective. I will pay attention to that in the future!" Client, Youth Horoscope

"Thank you for the conversation. It helped me a lot!" Client 46, Vienna

"Thank you for being so responsive and appreciative!" Client 57, Lower Austria

"You made me become aware of the crucial weak point. It is so obvious and yet for me it was a blind spot." Client 32, Vienna

"Thank you for the consultation, it was fun, and a good support und excpereince." Client 29, Vienna

"Actually, I have never been really  interested in astrology. .. However, at the time when I found myself in a phase of reorientation, I nevertheless decided to give a chance to an astrological consultation.  I sent Tanja my exact time and  place of birth - I consciously withheld any other information (also the one about me going through a reorientation phase). Our talk was exceptionally kind. There were no empty phrases but totally precise statements about my general situation and upcoming tendencies. I was presented with such specific and accurate information, that I was really very astonished. Besides all this, it was very fun. In short: the consultation helped me a lot and encouraged my next steps. I can only recommend it." Client 43, Vienna

"Thank you for listening carefully and for showing me the way to think in a right way. More precisely, thank you for helping me to understand my real problem." Client 23, Vienna

"Everything you told me a year ago about how my new partner and I match, was completely exact! Things I could not see back than unfolded in the exact way you described our relationship and his personality..", client 41, Vienna

"I am still totally perplexed and overwhelmed, that a horoscope can describe me so accurately, even though you knew nothing about me! It was important for me to know that I have chosen the right field of studies and that my horoscope confirms that. Even though I am still young, it is very helpful to know in what areas I can work on my personality. I aspire to learn from new perspectives, and I 'm happy to have gotten new insights from you! Thank you very much for this great and instructive talk!",  Client 19, Vienna

"Dear Tanja, thank you for your help. Your approach to resolving my dilemmas was very professional, realistic and in the same time very encouraging.  Should I have any questions in the future, I will surely contact you again." Client 46, Vienna

"Tanja is a superb astrologer. She captures completely all the facets of the personality and the character of the person. I felt secure and well cared for with her competence and professionalism and I can absolutely recommend her." Client, 46 , Vienna

"One's own existence becoms a fabric that one might have known for a long time and that seems to be very old . In the therapeutic session it becoms clearer , noticeable and helps to understand what are one's possibilities. One forgets the guessing around and lets the stars speak. An enlightening experience." Client, 45, Vienna

"The consultation has encouraged me that I am on the right track in my life and on the other hand it gave me important information where I could draw my attention yet. Overall, I found the consultation  ery enlightening and true for my current situation as well as for my future " client, 55 , Vienna

"Your consultation helped me to connect with my inner strengths, that have fallen by the wayside during my life challenges and that I have almost forgotten. You have fcoused my attention to my inner blockades, that obstruct my life path through encrypted images and sentences. Above all, you helped me to dig out the buried images that were giving me courage and self-confidence on the long distances of my life path. You gave me strength in a critical phase in my life to connect with my old power-pole and to regain positive dynamics that are cconnected to that. Thank you very much, Tanja! "Client 51, Vienna

"I left the consultation with strength and confidence .THANK you from the bottom of my heart for your precious suggestions and your wake-up call, and for reminding me of my life‘s task.” Client, 42, Vienna

"No one until now has explained to me that well my life patterns . I have understood everything and I can continue to work with it. I can deal with my fears much better now. You showed me that I am a strong and brave woman. Thank you! "Client, 61, Vienna

"The session with you was really good for me....many correlations became clear...many thanks once again... " Client, 35, Vienna

"Thank you for a really great consultation!! You have helped me so much with only one conversation, because everything that was somehow veiled until then became clear!" Client, 30, Vienna

"The consultation with you has led to a lot of change. I did not expect to hear in such a direct manner about my inner obstacles. I am especially surprised about the effect it has on my energy level. How much energy has been released through addressing my fears and responding to them. You also posses the appropriate directness for that. It has motivated me a lot! Thank you!" Client, 46, Vienna

"The consultation with you gave me unbelievable strength in these difficult past three weeks! Also the confidence that everything will turn out all right liberated me from huge fears!! Thank you! " Client 35, Vienna

"Thank you a lot! Your analysis provided important thoughts and emotional impulses. " Client, 45, Vienna

"Thank you dear Tanja, you helped me a lot with that - tha's currently a very important topic for me. I am glad that I know you!. " Client 46, Vienna

"Wow Tanja, that sounds great! That is my current profile, so as I would define it. You recognized that very good - thank you for your special support!" Client, 52, Vienna