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Astrological Counseling in Vienna Tanja Ristovski

Professional astrological consultation since 2009 | life planning, partnership, parent-child relationship | psychological, horary and traditional astrology

My astrological method

The psychological astrology I practice is rooted in motivational psychology. This method focuses simultaneously on self-knowledge and solutions and has been proven very effective. I will accurately capture all facets of your concerns without generalization or astrological stereotypes. The focus is on you and your well-being, and I will not use astrological jargon.

My objective is to help you connect the dots in your life, use your strengths more consciously, find solutions, and realize your potential in all areas of life - in relationships, at work, and the family.

Traditional and Horary Astrology

Parallel to psychological astrology, I practice horary and traditional astrology. Contrary to widespread belief, these two branches of astrology do not belong to a fatalistic view of the world!  I firmly believe that the dynamic connection between the individual and their environment establishes the places where self-determination takes place and that the astrological world view supports the application of our free will.

What does an astrologer do?

An astrologer has specialist training that enables her to analyze and interpret the planetary movements in connection with an individual. You can read about my astrological training on the Astrologer Tanja Ristovski page.

My astrological statements regarding your questions about your life and future

Astrology is based on the planetary movements, as these provide the frame of reference for astrological interpretations. The personal horoscope reveals information about your personality, and an astrologer explores your strengths, talents, individual ways of dealing with challenges, and the quality of past and future periods in your personal development.

My astrological assessments and statements are based on an evaluation of several factors—horoscope, individual life history, existing circumstances, and current trends are taken into account. That also applies to traditional or horary astrology.