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What is life planning?

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1 Apr 2015 | © Tanja Ristovski
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What is life planning?

“In a steamer that takes the wrong way, you cannot go very far in the right direction " Michael Ende

Weather you are one of those people who get creeps when  words “plan” and “life” come together, or if you belong to the kind that needs a schedule in order to live – each time in your life, when you thought about your next step or  about your circumstances or future prospects you were engaged in a process of planning your life.

It is very likely that such times resulted in some kind of decision, and decisions usually motivate action and bring certain results. Sometimes the result might have been deep personal satisfaction,  sometimes a frustration of not knowing what to do, where to go.

In situations when your decisions brought personal satisfaction, you have for sure been in touch with several things: your needs and abilities, necessary resources, the right moment  and you were building on some previously done groundwork. 

So what happens if you occasionally review the previous times, clarify your goals, assess your needs, desires and challenges? 

The chances are that you are more likely to take a course that will allow you to experience your personal potential to the fullest and move forward, take chances, reach your goals.

And that is what life planning is about.

© Tanja Ristovski