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What can you expect in the consultation?

Astrology is much more than your Sun Sign

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What can you expect in the consultation?

My astrological consultations go beyond the description of personal characteristics! They capture interrelations and dynamics that emerge from the interplay of individual needs and the environment. You will be able to see with fresh eyes your challenges, your Self or your loved ones, after only one session!

Consultations are based on an in-depth conversation that considers your past experiences. No astrological jargon is used. Interpretations are non-judgmental and there is no such thing as a good or bad constellations.
The analysis of the horoscope and of the planetary movements give the frame of reference for astrological interpretation. It is based upon evaluation of several factors -  individual life history, given circumstances and  current time quality or tendencies.

My goal in a consultation is to support you to understand the coherences and to use your personal strengths and potentials on all areas of life – in relationships, career,  family.

Have a look around my website, read the feedback of my clients and listen to your intuition. I am looking forward to hear from you!


What you can expect in an astrologcal consultation and answers to other frequent questions you can find in "FAQ".

If you want to make a present to someone, Gift Vouchers for astrologcal consultations are available too.

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