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Astrology as a helping hand

What can astrology do and how can you benefit?

Astrology is much more than your Sun Sign

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What can astrology do and how can you benefit?

The natal horoscope reveals  your personal constitution, your strengths, potentials and your individual way of dealing with challenges. Time-trends are depicted by current planetary movements, which helps me to identify the significance of a particular time within personal development or within the development of an event.

Psychological astrology that I practice explores motivations behind individual behavior as well as personal meaning of particular periods in life.

Besides the (self)insight astrology offers a unique possibility to depict time. That is why it can effectively show new perspectives and possible solutions or copying strategies for a situation, condition or a problem.

What astrology cannot do?

Astrology cannot make things happen for you, only you can make things happen (astrology does not take that responsibility from you).
Astrology cannot predict death, winning the lottery, etc…

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