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What can astrology do and how can you benefit?

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Astrologische Beratung Ristovski Tanja Wien
Astrologische Beratung Ristovski Tanja Wien

Astrology is an effective tool for mapping the personality - individual needs, beliefs and values ​​can be depicted by natal chart. In addition to (self) knowledge, astrology offers the unique opportunity to map time trends. In this way it can effectively point out new perspectives and clarify possible solutions or coping strategies for a situation or problem.

Psychological astrology which I practice, explores the reasons for action and behavior from the perspective of individual needs, and examines the dynamic relationship between the individual and his or her environment.

Astrology, self-awareness and decision-making

Even though we make decisions without thinking about it every day, there are times when we realize how complex and difficult this process can be. Typically, such times occur when an event or person enters our lives and significantly challenges our habits, behaviors and life frameworks. Sometimes it is an inner urge that is frightening by its intensity and puts us in a different modus operandi. Eventually we feel compelled to make decisions or decisions are imposed on us.

The most important commandment for making the right decision is “know thyself”, as the Oracle of Delphi says. Remembering your own needs or discovering them helps to understand your own motivation and behavior. When we become aware of our assumptions and beliefs, we give fears, worries or feelings of guilt a contour and thus free the space for new thoughts and ideas. As we become aware of what is really important to us, we will be able to set priorities and develop a new strategy. Exploring your own personal development and understanding your own motivation is the first step in this direction.

Natal horoscope: know thyself, become who you are

Orientational aid for inner balance

In most cases (but not in all!)1 external events are an expression of the internal tensions that accumulate over time. The tension is a sign that something in our life is not fulfilling, that some of our needs have fallen by the wayside and “don't know what to do". Situations, people, or things that were fulfilling at one time in our life can turn out to be unsatisfactory as we mature or change through experience. And the tension begins to build up.

During times when difficulties, delays, or strong internal urges, disappointments and stresses bring this tension to the surface, we can become blinded by fear, apprehension, guilt, or confusion. The security of the old and the known breaks up to be replaced by the new, the still unknown. New circumstances require new decisions and a reorientation so that the inner balance is restored. Astrology helps you to align your perspective with the environment and the time.

Yearly Forecast - your individual timing

Astrology, personal timing and life planning

 "On a steamer going in the wrong direction, you can't go very far in the right direction." Michael Ende

Astrology is also a unique tool for measuring time. It enables us to understand developments through time (annual horoscope for individuals) and to explore perspectives and opportunities that lie ahead of us. That makes it an excellent prognostic tool. Though prognostic, it is neither "a deterministic straitjacket, nor a system of prediction that plots an inevitable future".2 On the contrary! Astrology helps us to make informed decisions and to use our free will to break new grounds or develop a life with more personal fulfillment. The time trends (aka. annual horoscopes) are shown by current planetary movements and other astrological techniques, whereby the individual meaning of a time period or an event is determined.

Four pillars of finding a solution

Regardless of whether you are one of those people who get goosebumps when you hear the words "plan" and "life" in one sentence, or you are one of those who need a schedule to be able to live relaxed - every time when we think about the next step, about the circumstances or future prospects, we deal with life planning. It is very likely that such moments of reflection lead to decisions which then motivate action and bring certain results. Sometimes the result can bring personal satisfaction, other times frustration and confusion about what to do or which direction to take.

Take a quick look back. In situations where your decisions brought satisfaction and fulfillment, there were certainly some things that were in harmony. Your needs and abilities matched the necessary internal or external resources when you made the appropriate decision. Spontaneously, or after careful consideration, you have chosen the right moment to act or to initiate changes. And, you have had built on the foundations previously laid. We can say that your feeling, thinking, wanting and acting - four pillars of any solution finding - were in harmony.

In moments when we are unclear about our actual needs and motivations, when we are not aware of our potential or underestimate it, the feeling can go against action, thinking can cross the road of the Will, or the Will clashes with rational thinking. This reduces the availability of our internal resources. Then we lack courage, vision, trust or motivation and perseverance. Or, we overshot the mark and land hard on the ground.

Experience your personal potential to the fullest and achieve your goals

So what if we occasionally evaluate the time behind us, review our old goals, and clarify the new ones? When we become aware of what our needs, desires and weak points are? When we take the time to track down changes within ourselves and find our own idea of success that is not given by others?

The chances are that, more than likely, each of us will take a direction that will enable us to move forward, find a solution, seize opportunities, in a nutshell - to fully experience personal potential and achieve goals.

1) Accidents that go beyond the responsible use of machines and vehicles, natural disasters, tragedies caused by people - such as wars etc. are of course not an expression of our individual inner tensions.

2) Lewi Grant, Astrology for Millions