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31 Mar 2015 | © Tanja Ristovski
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Astrology and decision making

Although we make choices every day and do not even think of it, there are times in life when we become acutely aware of how complex and difficult this process can be.

Edward Munch, Le Penseur de Rodin, 1907

Usually that happens when our habits, behaviors and life setting are significantly challenged by a person or by an event that enters the stage. Sometimes it is our inner drive that startles by its intensity and introduces ourselves to a different modus operandi. Eventually we feel compelled to make choices or choices are imposed to us.

Astrological tools

Besides being an effective tool for mapping personal needs, believes and values, astrology is a unique device for measuring time.  It allows us to understand different developments through time and  to anticipate perspectives and opportunities ahead of us, which makes it an excellent prognostic device. Although prognostic, it is not a "deterministic straightjacket, nor a system of prediction which maps out an inescapable future." 2) On contrary, astrology helps us to make informed decision and use our free will to develop strategies for a more fulfilled life.


The most important step towards making right decision is,  to "know thyself" as the Delphic maxim says. Remembering or discovering what our needs are, help us understand our own motivations and behavior. Digging into our assumptions and believes helps us to outline (give form to) our fears, anxiety or guilt and clears space for new ideas and thoughts. Becoming aware of what is important to us, helps to set priorities and develop a strategy.

The needs

In most cases, but not in all1),  the outer events are the manifestation of our inner tensions that accumulate over time. Tension is a sign that something in our life is not fulfilling, that some of our needs are left lying idle, "with nothing to do" so to speak. Some situations, some people or things that were fulfilling at one time in our life, may become unfulfilling as we mature or change through experiences. That is how tension starts to store up.

We become aware of these inner tensions during the times that coincide with transits of so called slow planets - Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Difficulties and delays, strong inner urges, disappointments or stress prompt the inner strain to the surface. We may become dazzled by fear, worry, guilt, confusion. New circumstances require new choices, the certainty of the old and familiar falls apart to be replaced with the new, that is yet unknown.

New circumstances demand new descisions and reorientation, so that inner balance can be restored. Astrology helps you to bring your perspectives in accord with the circumstances and with the time.

1) Accidents (that surpass responsible operating with tools, vehicles etc), natural catastrophes or humanly provoked catastrophes and tragedies, are of course not the expression of our individual inner tensions

2) Grant Lewi, Astrology for Millions

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