Parent - Child Horoscope

Focus on parent-child relationship: how do your child and you influence each other?

(Mother - child horoscope, father - child horoscope)

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In the child - parent horoscope we examine how predispositions of a child and behaviours and mind-set of a parent influence each other.  Similarities and differences between parent and daughter or son are examined,  and how a parent can support the individuality of the child.

The astrological analyzes of the child - parent horoscope enables insights about challenges within the family  and reveals new perspectives and possibilities for the  father-son or mother-daughter relationship.

In the same time, the parent-child astrology  reveals chances for parents to grow as individuals and develop personal potentials through this very special bond.

The starting point of the interpretation is the fact that the quality of the mother-child or father-child relationship has dimensions that go beyond the basic biological responsibilities of parenthood.

Parents, who are born with certain psychological and physical dispositions, make their experiences and bring them along in their life with the child. On the other hand, a child is born with its  own dispositions and  the first thing it confronts is the world of the parents. It is  the interaction between the child and its environment - which includes beliefs and mind-set of parents - where young personality starts to form and develop.

This horoscope analyses opens new perspectives on how to deal with challenges in the family life.

One parent and a child: 180€ Consultation lenght 60 minutes.

Two siblings: 180€ Consultation lenght 60 minutes.

One parent and two children: 270€  Consultation lenght 90 min

Both parents and a child:   270€ Consultation lenght is 90 min

Both parents and two children: 360€  Consultation lenght  110 min

All fees include  calculation of astrological charts and tables, evaluation and the consultation.

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