Schedule in time your yearly forecast consultation


Schedule in time your yearly forecast consultation
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Astro-Alert is an e-mail alert for my existing clients that relates to the astrological yearly forecast.

One year after your last astrological consultation, Astro-Alert will remind you of the option of a yearly astrological forecast, where you can explore the possibilities and opportunities for the upcoming year.

Astro-Alert is at no charge and it is nonbinding. Consultations will be sheduled as always only after your request.

Please consider the following:
- Astro-Alert does not announce events in your life
- Astro Alert is a short message, it is not a written analysis or a disclosure about the coming year

The support that you can get from astrology cannot replace your own effort for realization of your wishes. Please remember that "Not stars, but people make things happen" (Noel Tyl)